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Enjoy a few testimonies from members of Build a Better Us.

Jaki J, stay at home mom; Memphis, TN

Being in our Build group allow us to see that we were going through the motions and not necessarily growing in marriage. The people have acted like family and linked arms with us causing us to grow and truly experience the power of God.

Theresy W, University Administrator; Memphis, TN

My Build group has completely challenged the way I think about marriage. I have had to realize that marriage is not always romantic and fairy tale like, but that it has a purpose and that purpose is to represent and glorify God. I thought a healthy marriage was one where arguments were minimal and no one was getting offended. I’m beginning to see that marriage is a tool to change my husband and me even if it is uncomfortable.

Chris H, Dentist; Memphis, TN

The material covered in Build a Better Us has equipped me with tools to engage and encourage marriages around me.  Knowing that Christ is the hero of my life story helps battle my insecurity and empowers me with confidence found in Him.  I have been blessed with opportunities to encourage my recently married friends with practical, Biblical advice. I finally feel that I have something to offer.

Mandi H, Teacher

My husband and I have really been encouraged by the idea of seeing our marriage as a mission. We have always known that God brought us together, but seeing this union as more than just God’s way of blessing us has been both challenging and exciting. Together we can reach people in ways that we could not have alone. It’s humbling to think that GOD wants to bless others through our honesty and transparency in our marriage.


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