In the fall of 2008 we began meeting with 4 couples in a living room. Together we asked the question, “What would it look like for us to grow in following Jesus in our marriage, and care for the marriages of others, apart from crisis?”

As we study the Bible we see that God calls a man and woman to be one because of marriage, and yet be on a mission to help others look like Jesus, in a process called discipleship. Not only are married couples still called to be on mission as a new unit but they are also called to know God and be known by others in the family of God. We determined to live growing in intimacy with Jesus as one unit, training others to do the same as small multiplying families. Our hope was to create a family of restored pictures of Jesus and his people in marriage, thus bringing glory to our God.

After about 2 years of learning, preparing, and refining the structure of our groups we began to see patterns that consistently brought life to marriages. Every marriage needed to have “Jesus as the Hero”, be genuinely themselves to grow, Be trained and equipped for mission in small groups and have a heart to see the Gospel spread to others, to properly reflect the relationship God intended.

We also realized that most discipleship or growth processes seemed to create strain on leaders and left the group as mere observers, with no real expectation for growth. We felt that our gospel-oriented had to honor 100% participation from each member; thereby both leaders and members would feel refreshed, not drained. It needed to be simple enough that anyone could do it, powerful enough that it was worthy of pursuing, but have a development portion that produced maturity in all involved. So we tweaked our structures for shared responsibility. Within this new structure, our shepherds (leaders) not only oversee but also seek the growth and maturity of every couple by empowering them to carry out the process in the lives of other people.

Because marriage is suppose to be a picture of the Gospel (Jesus relationship with his people) and experienced by others, God has drawn all seasons of marriages to learn and develop with Build A better Us. Our desire is to create a growing, Christ honoring, multiplying new norm for marriage, where God can be clearly seen.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her...Ephesians 5:25