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Building Community


Social media is the most evident proof we have that we all want community, whether we realize we want it or not. However, the fact that we have social media can be damaging to us as we strive to live in biblical community.

If you were to look at my Facebook page you would see that I have around 1,000 “friends”. On the surface it would look like I have more than enough people who would be there for me when I need them the most. But if you look under the hood at what is really going on you would see that not only are these people not really my friends, but in fact, I don’t have a real relationship with more than a handful of them at all.

To our detriment, through a status update or tweet we have people that we can air out our dirty laundry to at all times. This is further proof that each and every one of us have a desire to share the “real me” with those around us. A few weeks ago I saw a post that troubled me, and made me appreciate Build A Better Us even more. She said, “I sure wish my husband made an effort to make me feel special on Mother’s Day”.

Wow, how sad. Not only is this marriage obviously missing something that it needs, but they apparently don’t have the people in their lives that they need to go to when times get hard.

In no way am I a perfect husband. But in my imperfection I am perfectly confident that when I drop the ball (as I often do) that my wife would NEVER use social media as a platform to announce our issues to anyone that will listen. She has the ladies of our Build group for that. That’s what they’re there for. They are truly a safe place for her. They aren’t there to simply “like” a status. They aren’t going to post the typical “Aw, I’m sorry girl. I hope your day gets better.” They are there to point my wife, and my marriage toward the standard set in Ephesians 5.

Real community is one that will remind you that Jesus is the hero of your life. They will be your safe place where you can vent after you’ve had “one of those days”. We all need people that we can turn to, and if we don’t have a real biblical community we will find places that are often unsafe to dump our garbage.

Build a Better Us strives to equip Christ followers to be that safe place for those in their communities.  We can then begin to show those around us what we refer to as the “real me”, not simply the me that I want people to think I am. Build a Better Us aims to change the way we all view community and marriage, one couple at a time.

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