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We all need a little help. Let BBU life coaching move you along the spectrum of growth to a better you.


Building a Better You

Are you ready to live life to the fullest? Take control and achieve real outcomes through our personalized life coaching. With BBU Life Coaching, you’ll become more self-aware and confident, gain maturity as an individual or a couple, and set and accomplish healthy goals. We’ll empower you to put an end to growth stagnation in your life, so you can empower others to do the same. Individual and couple sessions are available.

Cost: The initial 30-minute consultation is FREE. After the initial meeting, a set fee and number of sessions will be established.

Disclaimer: BBU Life Coaching is not meant to replace clinical counseling or emergency services. If you have an emergency, please call 911 or contact a crisis center near you.

Nakia Austin

Nakia Austin is a licensed counselor and certified life coach with more than ten years of experience in the field. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling, Nakia is equipped with the tools to help her clients achieve their goals, recover from difficult experiences, and address current and future challenges. By utilizing proven strategic and tactical methods for overcoming adversity, Nakia’s innovative coaching technique combines cognitive theory with practical applications that gets results. Nakia’s dedicated, invaluable support and her responsive approach to therapy and coaching allows her to help individuals become the best versions of themselves.  

As a trauma survivor, Nakia uses her experience to help others pursue the lives they want to live. Nakia is an experienced public speaker and the founder of L.O.V.E ministries. Recently, Nakia launched Heal My Hurt, a live 8-week online course that teaches individuals how to heal and thrive in the next chapter of their lives.

  • Trauma and Trauma Recovery
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Development

Personal Quote: I love you too much to leave you where you are. 

Jon Parker

Jon A. Parker is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jon has over 15 years of experience as a Counselor/Therapist and life coach. Jon is an interactive, solution-focused therapist. His therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help people effectively address personal life challenges. With compassion and understanding, he works with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

  • Men’s issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improving communication skills
  • Improving self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Life transitions
  • Employment transitions
  • Spiritual concerns
  • Identifying and/or Decreasing self-sabotage behavior

Personal Quote: “Do or do not, there is no try.” – Master Yoda


BJ is a life coach, speaker, and author who helped launch one of the most significant faith movements in recent history – the “116 Movement” with Grammy award winning artist Lecrae. He also served alongside Bryan Loritts to expand groundbreaking racial reconciliation work in Memphis, TN. BJ has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and couples all over the world helping them experience personal and relational growth. Currently, BJ serves as the executive director for Build a Better Us. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of North Texas and a master’s degree in Christian studies from Union University. He has been featured in Relevant Magazine, Propel, Christianity Today, Barna, & other publications. He has also worked with History Chanel, RZIM, ERLC, Desiring God, Universities & other corporations. He and his wife Vanja have been married 16 years and live in Atlanta with their three children.

  • Personal development
  • Relational development
  • Spiritual formation
  • Diversity maturity

Personal Quote: Helping people to do things that they’ve never done to become who they’ve always wanted to be.

Tracy Ready

Tracy Ready is the pattern-disrupting Dating Coach who founded and created the Dating Masterclass; a therapeutic dating preparation course that guides people through an organized and thoughtful process of unpacking relationship baggage. Then challenges them to date differently to attract better suited potential partners and navigate dating and courtship in a healthier way.

Before shifting her focus to dating coaching, she has also contributed to the wellness of others as a Professional Therapist, Life Strategist, Academic, Career and Small Business Coach.  In May of 2018, she launched BetterU BetterUs, a Mental Health Advocacy service helping bridge the divide between African Americans and therapy.  To date, this free service has supported 100s of people in leaning in to the idea of receiving counseling and finding a therapist who is suitable for their needs.

As a Build A Better You Coach Tracy provides the following specialties:

  • Dating Preparation Coaching (Individual or Group)
  • Life Coaching and Strategy –for those navigating life transitions (Individual)
  • Teaching Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (Group)
  • M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Liberty University
  • Thought-leader, Author and Writing Contributor

Personal Quotes: “When is comes to having the relationship you want, are you waiting on God or is God waiting on you? Have you done your part?


  • Personally BJ taking the time to get to know me and speak into my life has been wonderful. Generic advise and general help is good but personalized and specific life coaching is exponentially better and more useful. Improve: Topics of conversation sometimes head of topic but are usually not big time wasters.

  • BJ has helped me think about things in ways I never could have on my own. He is coaching me on how to be good/better at multi-cultural/ race relationships. He has incredible intuition as well as a very high EQ. BJ asks questions in a way that helps me discover things on my own, but he also gives incredible insights. He has given me life-altering advise and incredible affirmation to help me continue to courageously move forward. BJ is so for me it is almost tangible. He really enjoys seeing me grow and he is VERY gifted at coming alongside me in my journey. He affirms my growth all the time and gives me homework that is both applicable and fun! He also loves and follows Jesus and is in tune with the Holy Spirit. He looks for God’s movement in my life and comes along side that and affirms that. He is also good at sharing about his journey and how he has grown in his life.

    Current Client
  • Consistency and authenticity. I never feel like I’m being read a script. I feel like I have someone who is invested in my growth and journey.

    Current Client
  • What has been most beneficial about the Life Coaching service is the clarity and wisdom that Mr. Thompson brings to the table. The ability to be able to get to the core of the thoughts and ideas and bring forth a clear understanding is rare and a major blessing.

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